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Residential Systems

With our innovative designs and applications we can tailor a system to meet your specific,

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Commercial Systems

We can help turn your pool bar, outdoor cafe, roof top bar areas into a cool tropical oasis,

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Marine Systems

CS Misting is bringing unprecedented outdoor comfort to the marine industry,

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Patio Misting Systems

Residential Misting Systems

We provide outdoor cooling systems for any Residential application.
  • Our systems can provide outdoor cooling reducing temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity.
  • At 1000 PSI, water droplets as small as 5 microns (5 millionths of a meter) in diameter can be produced. At this level, ‘flash evaporation’ occurs reducing the ambient temperature.
  • With high temperatures (above 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and low humidity levels (below 50%) the mist system results can be dramatic especially when there is constant air exchange within the patio.

Outdoor Patio Cooling up to 30 Degrees

Patrons don’t have to suffer in the heat when seated in outdoor patios and can enjoy their visit.
  • Patio misting systems from CS Misting Systems offer a comfortable and inviting dining experience.
  • We design as per their requirements and business ecosystem to help cut their cost, while focusing on end user satisfaction.
  • CS Misting Systems offers portable or mounted misting fans or permanently installed misting lines to cool any outdoor area up to 30 Degrees Cooler.

Summer is to fun to be misreable!

Dock Misting Systems will lower temps up to 30 degrees.
  • CS Misting Systems Harnessing the scientifically proven technology of thermal dynamics, reduces outdoor temperatures on your Dock instantly.
  • Transform your dock into an oasis of cool. Dock Mister creates a curtain of cooling mist around your dock that will cool the temperatures up to 30 degrees.
  • This refreshing mist on a hot summer day, lets you get the most out of your investment, not just for storing your boat, but enjoying time with the whole family.

We can add mist to exsisting fans.. Take Cooling to Another Level!

Cool your guests by installing outdoor misting fans for your outdoor dining areas.
  • Cooler temperatures outside means more usable tables during hot weather months. And every additional seat means more valuable customers.
  • Patio misting systems cool the outdoors as much as 35 degrees, reduce exhaust fume odors and even chase away those annoying flying insects.
  • By using high velocity fans combined with misting technology, you can instantly cool the climate by 35 degrees, increase revenues and customer satisfaction!

Air circulation is not required

With typical misting systems the natural movement of the air through the cooling process.
  • We integrate a 1000 PSI Mist Pump system that is sized to run one mist fan or up to 15 misting fans at once.
  • With the use of our patio misting fans the air is moved down to the surface by the fan, which means these fans are more effective.
  • For restaurant patios, we have commercial quality misting fans that are perfectly rated and can be operated with mist only, fan only, or mist and fan combined.
CS Misting Systems and Mist Fans, Misters, Patio Cooling, Outdoor Cooling

Custom Design & Installation

Custom Design plans to help projects get done quickly, efficiently, and safely.
  • When temperatures rise into the 80 degrees and above, patio dining outdoors, outside bar areas become uninhabitable money losers.
  • Project design is one of the services we offer you and it's another one of the reasons why people like dealing with us.
  • With our experience we can drive you to choose the right products and materials for your misting system.
CS Misting Systems and Mist Fans, Misters, Patio Cooling, Outdoor Cooling


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 Misting Systems and Mist Fans, Misters, Patio Cooling, Outdoor Cooling

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